Day 19 : Blue Velvet Cake

Cheers to another week of surprises, blessings, and challenges that will make me a week older in terms of spiritual and emotional maturity!

Since my college days, Monday was always the best day of the week. I always call it a "Happy Monday" because it's the first day of the week, and how I'll be spending it will quite affect how my whole week will be. Call it optimism, but I'd rather call it mood-setting.

I'm not saying that if my Monday goes bad, the rest of the week will go bad. Well, that's why there's always a second chance and Tuesday, is my second-chance day. heehee.

Today I am wearing my blue pants and my favorite white long sleeved top, perfectly tucked in. I planned on getting red velvet cupcakes from Moonleaf Maginhawa, and have it on my desk with my nescafe Gold coffee. It was a really exciting vision, that I felt would make my monday really happy if it would be real. Pop that balloon of happy thoughts - no red velvet cupcake delivered yet, none to be found in nearby tea shops. Busted! I got sad, and anxious about what I'll be having for a Monday-starter. Starbucks is too expensive, and I prefer Cinnabon anyway aaand I have my Nescafe Gold with me! I am not a fan of Coffee Bean so forget it. Figaro, oh Figaro. I love their coffee, but I'm not really in the mood for Carrot Cake. I want red velvet cupcake. 

Someone told me he was able to buy a red velvet cupcake at Figaro BGC, but we all know that the availability of pastries depends on the delivery for the day or request for the week. I peeped through the glass doors, and saw the carrot cake. I figured, that the carrot cake won't hurt. It was "okay", and the ambiance is great anyway. . . So I won't mind. When I finally decided to give myself a chance despite not having red velvet cupcake, I went inside and took a second look at their pastries. Poof! BLUE VELVET CAKE. What the? I want red...but maybe the only difference is the color and I should go give it a try, and I did! I'm glad I did! Oh, God always has a bucket full of surprises and He really gives me the best version of my dreams, to the smallest wishes and desires of my heart.

This is waaaaay better than red velvet cupcake! 
Yes I didn't have a red velvet cupcake, that I was long craving for. But I did have something better! In fact, it's the best I've had to date! It actually matches my wardrobe for the day too! Oh Lord, you are really full of surprises!

I've had three realizations about my Happy-Monday adventure :
1. There are things we cannot control. Do not let these things control your emotions. 
It's useless to be angry or upset about the things we can't control - like the delivery of red velvet cupcake. I admit I got upset, but I've learned that I should be more open to circumstances like this, and simply surrender my negative emotions to the Lord.

2. God may not give us exactly what we want, but He always gives us something better. He always wants us to have the BEST. 
This holds true for almost everything I've experienced. There are requests that have been granted the way I prayed for it -- like my thesis 1 and 2 grade, and awards received. But there are times that God delays His answers, but never denies it - like graduating from college. There are also circumstances where He does not grant exactly what I prayed for, but instead gives me something I never imagined, something better, something greater. I never heard of BLUE VELVET CAKE! Have you?! Well, not until you've read this post perhaps. And of all days, He chose today to reveal His love to me through the blue velvet cake. 

3. Don't give up just yet... All things are possible with God.
To have my red velvet cake, I even went to Zen Tea and Infinitea, hoping I'd find one. It may not be classified as a 'hardship', but at least I did not just limit myself to Moonleaf. I walked a few minutes from one place to another, yet I still did not find my red velvet cake. I was exhausted and disappointed. My last resort was a Carrot Cake I did not really want at the moment, but he told me to still go check out Figaro. I felt it would be impossible to have red velvet cake here in Technohub, because every branch has different offers. Oh, what little faith I had. Forgive me Lord, for not trusting you in finding simple joys. Voila! Blue Velvet Cake.