Day 18 : Gadget Enlightenment

Before 2012 ended, I had a clear plan in mind : buy myself an ipad mini as a graduation gift. I could easily ask my mom or my ninang to swipe their credit cards and in turn, I'll take care of the monthly payment. It was the only gadget that really made me so excited to have. It wasn't like this when I had my Samsung Galaxy SL, or my Sony Xperia Neo V. Technically, it's not smart phone but it is definitely a productivity tool.

If I'd pick the best from the many reasons why I want an ipad mini, it would simply be for the purpose of creative expression. I do not want to neglect the creative side of me, may it be through writing, doodling, drawing, interior designing, dream board making, note-taking, and a whole lot more! Among all the gadgets I've researched, it's my best pick

There has been a constant delay of many attempts to finally buy myself one. Ah, excuses. I wanted to make sure I'd have a new pouch to put it in, a cover case, blah blah blah. I wanted it to fit my working schedule, my location, my means of transportation, blah blah blah. Was I ready for an ipad mini? I wasn't, since January.

Then came second thoughts of delaying gratification - go get a Galaxy Note II and wait for the ipad mini 2, or wait until I'm eligible to apply for my own credit card.  It was a week of confusion, excitement, and anxiety.

Finally, my thoughts have been cleared just today. I'll be giving my mom the SIII Mini from my 999 postpaid plan, and I'll wait a few more weeks until I can shell out a dp for my Xperia Phone c/o my ninang's credit card, and definitely buy the ipad mini before May ends. Looking good? YES.
Sometimes, when you feel you're already lost in the middle of nowhere, you just have to go back to where you started. 
The ipad mini was my first and only pick, back in October. It always has been. Despite many distractions and second thoughts, certain events still lead me back to it. I'll have you soon... very, very soon.