Day 17 : Iron Man 3D

Since Iron Man 3 came out, I became really excited to watch it with mama and Nathalie. The first attempt was on a Saturday before Micay's birthday celebration. The second was on May 1, but we were to lazy to leave the house and besides, it was a no-labor day for me! The third finally pushed through - TODAY.

We didn't really plan on watching it in 2D, 3D or regular view. We focused on watching it, with Tater's popcorn and shizzle up drinks. Because of no clear plan in mind, I spent more than the expected amount! Gheez.

The earliest showing was around 6:50, and this was in 3D. We couldn't get a time slot later than this because it would be too late to go home already. Aside from Tater's popcorn, I bought a Mega-sized sour cream flavored fries, and a minor league tater chips. Oh boy, was I acting as if I had unlimited cash in my pocket! Felt good for a while, but when I realized I had only a few 20s left, boom! Reality bites. 
One important lesson God taught me today : Plan your expenses and stay IN budget. It's great to invest time and money on family, but not to the point you'd go zero. Do not spend more than you are earning. 
We had a great time though, Nathalie and I. It was our first movie together without any adult (wait, am I an adult already? uhhh...) and it was really awesome though we weren't able to watch the credits part. Why? I had to go to the restroom ASAP. Well, there's always a next time! Mama on the other hand, spent the evening in Let's Face It for Swedish massage time which reminds me, I have-to-have-to-have-to set an appointment for next week! I need a break. . .

Thank you Lord for Saturday bonding time! <3