Day 14 : Happy No-Labor Day

Ah, rest in the middle of the week - fantastic! I miss this kind of rest. Oh heck, I literally missed rest days like this a.k.a SUMMER VACATION. blah.

I'm starting to have a tiny tinge of regret, for accepting a job offer too soon. What was I thinking? There'd be more job opportunities in the later days of March, from Smart and Philip Morris, or HP even, and Seven-Seven Global. Those "what if" questions make my heart sink every time I make assumptions, but then I guess it was all just in His perfect timing. I sought guidance and wisdom the day I had to decide if I will be accepting the offer, and I believe it is God's plan that I start my career as an IBMer. Sheesh.

My one day break started with relaxing hours of sleep, and waking up the normal time - 9am. My body clock has adjusted to the midshift setting already that I can hardly force myself to sleep a little longer! Chores, after chores, then my favorite afternoon nap! It's all about sleep today, teehee.

We went to mass at 5pm since it's the first Wednesday of the month, and by God's grace, we all received the Sacrament of Confession. It was a very blissful and emotional experience, also because it is indeed a great month-starter. Our hearts were emptied, ready to be filled by God's overflowing love and blessings! Hallelujah!
I felt this inner peace I have been yearning for, and raging storm in my heart quieted. I am filled with joy, at that very moment, and I am certain that it comes from restoring my relationship with the Lord. 
PS: The night ended with a bang - stuffed crust pizza, and Iron Man 2! Oh, I just looove family nights.