Day 4 : Greenhills on a Sunday

It's the first time we attended mass at Greenhills at 12:30pm. The chapel's ambiance was perfect for prayer, and I was amazed by how beautiful the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was. Her eyes were like sparkling diamonds and it exudes gentle loving-kindness and compassion... The choir's angelic voices made the Eucharistic Celebration more meaningful, and the adorable child playing the piano along with the fine skills of the old man playing his guitar made my Sunday celebration a blissful one.

I was touched by the Gospel's calling to be a good sheep, and to understand His love through Jesus becoming the good shepherd. "I know my sheep and they know me." We are all created by God, and no one understands or knows us better than Him. Hence we should always cling unto Him and always go back to Him.

Our Sunday was a really blessed one - from the food we ate without having to spend a lot, to the simple clothes and shoes we bought. The evening was splendid too, because of our happy storytelling time and wonderful exchanges of thoughts and feelings. We even planned on having "Markee's night" where we'd look at kuya's old memorabilias and probably make fun of it while making it a solid good old memory in our hearts... it also became the center of attention when I said "Bea's night" after 10years from now!

Oh I wonder how it would be ten years from now. . .