Day 13 : A Little Over Joyed

Here goes my daily inspiration - Joy's blog posts. . . ( )

I started my day by reading my Kergyma email, praying and running through random posts in Joy's blog. The articles I've read are somewhat repetitive in the lessons it teaches, but never boring. Every post I read seems to engrave love in my heart deeper, and the thrill for womanhood, spiritual maturity, a more deepened relationship with the Lord, being married, being a wife and mother, is becoming stronger. 

I really admire her writing style, her witty jumbling of words and experiences that connect with her readers' hearts, and how she always makes God's presence more evident. If God wills it, I want to be somewhat similar to her. I wonder what's my calling. . . but for now, all I know is that I will continue this passion for writing, and someday, I will eventually continue my music... which reminds me, I have to save for my guitar! I badly need a good one, with smooth acoustics and will establish a connection with me and my voice. I want to finally make my sister's dream come true - make covers, and teach her how to play the guitar so we can both have duets! I want to make my dream come true - make covers of Christian songs, and even write my own to glorify the Lord! It would be a really awesome journey, to get back to the ministry of music and offer my songs of praise to Him. 

These desires, are well painted in my heart. Even though my corporate journey has begun, I am still glued to my passion... and no work, will stop me. It's just that, for now, I have to take things slow one step at the time. 

Ah what a lovely day! No work tomorrow - It's labor day! teehee, and this week will be over in no time! 

PS: I'm exciiiiited <3 iron man 3, massage, buying new shoes, getting a new phone, payday, his birthday, mother's day, all in the first 2 weeks of May! huha!