Day 12 : Renewed by Joy

Oh, it's a Monday! Must make today a productive and joyful one, so I could take it with me throughout the whole week! Here are a few things about my day that I think is a great way to start the week happy.

1. A New Work Space
Your working environment really changes your mood, and how you feel about work. Today we moved to our permanent work station, in the 3rd flr in front of the pantry. THE PANTRY. Which means, I can have all the water and coffee I want! Horaay! Oh and, I have my own desk now, my own personal work space. This corner is all mine, and it feels really nice to have one! I got my own drawer too! heehee

2. Exploring IBM Learning
I was fascinated by the many things I could learn upon reading my email. There's this site called '}get abstract' where resources of different topics can be found. It's like an online library, where I can download books I want! Of course, the topics are all related to the professional world. There's just so much to learn, so much to read about! This excites me!

3. Getting to Love SOA
I was placed in a role that's very new to me, that it makes me scared of how my future career will be. Instead of dwelling on uncertainty, by God's grace, I chose to focus what was in store for me if I at least tried to learn about my role. Today I found a lot of resources about SOA, and the best I've found so far is a compilation of business cases that ventured into SOA. Ahhh, this is good bites! Since I've been used to a lot of case studies in college, reading 250+ pages wouldn't hurt. The only thing that's holding me back from my job, is THE SHIFT.

4. Back to Teach With Joy
Oh it's been a looong time since I read her articles and pondered on it. She's one of my inspirations to lead my heart closer to God, establish godly relationships, look forward to a godly and strong marriage centered in Christ, and being a great homeschool mommy. Today I've read a few of her new articles, and they've given me a glimpse of how beautiful my future could be if I continue directing my relationships towards the Lord :')

5. Gadget Excitement
Today I explored alternatives to my ipad mini dream. I found out about the Galaxy Note II, which is both a phone and a tablet! And I could delay gratification -- for the next few months -- perhaps until the ipad mini 2 comes out. By that time, I'm already earning thrice my salary, and I have my own credit card! And it would be a gift to myself somehow, for finally being a regular employee. Maybe it could be a birthday gift to myself(but I don't think the ipad mini 2 will be coming out on September) so I guess it'll have to be Christmas gift then! OR, a happy working anniversary to me :)) YES, perfect! I'll have to settle for what I can afford now, which is a plan 1800 only. It's an upgrade to my previous plan.

6. Running Out of Time
Today was just too swift I did not notice the time. I was preoccupied with all of the above, and it feels good to be productive and happy at the same time ;)))

Ohh, what a lovely day! :)