The Joys of Being an Early Bird

Today, I woke up with a smile on my face, not even feeling an ounce of the lazy-bug-snooze in the morning. It's going to be a great day, I thought to myself. After 'cooking' my baon (scrambled egg and tuna!) and doing my morning preparations, I hurried off to catch the Pandacan trip before 7:00am...and I did!

Getting to feel the cool breeze of the wind, adoring the remains of sunrise in the sky. . . These are my simple joys in the morning. Moments alone with God in that 5-minute walk is more than enough to start my day! I did not just get my morning-time, I even had taho along the way! Geez, I can't even remember the last time I had taho that's why getting to have a 10 peso order brings so much flavor to my day! hehe

I had a relaxing walk, and a smilea that can hardly be removed. I also love it when employees I walk passed by greet me with happy faces! Hearing them say "Good morning Ms. Beautiful!" surely perks up my morning. It reminds me of how special and beautiful God made me, and for that I am really grateful. 

Ah, while I write this I am having my breakfast time (which I really can't miss). Hot chocolate paired with bread and peanut butter! It never gets old.

My heart is oozing with joy and love, and it's impossible to contain. Hence, I am writing this entry to share a piece of it online! It won't hurt to have a 2012 post in my blog anyway. May it serve as a sweet reminder of how blessed I am this 2012! Heehee. 

I look forward to blogging full time in 2013, especially getting to start a million treasures soon <3

Dreams fuel your spirit. 
It makes life worth living. 
Always having something to look forward to keeps you and your dreams alive. 
It makes living every moment of the each day worth while.