Pen&Paper 01 : Ripples

She slipped on her gold sandals and wore her favorite white maxi dress, adored how it gently brushed her skin as it flowed smoothly from her stomach to her feet. She walked towards the balcony with a bright smile. The sun’s warmth embraced her with comfort after long days of waiting that seemed like months. From where she stood she could clearly see from a distance the reflection of dancing trees in stillness of the lake which she admired. Her eyes were fixed on that beautiful picturesque – uninterrupted – until it dawned on her that crystal droplets were starting to make love with the lake’s surface, creating an endless rippling that blurred its reflection.
Turning away from that view on the lake she saw a man walking towards her. To her surprise, before she realized who it was, the man left his bags on the floor and knelt down in front of her, kissed her hand and her stomach, unable to control his tears.
She casted a deep breath smiling, brushed his hair with her fingers and whispered “I thought it would never rain on a summer, you know.” He carefully stood, holding her closer to him, and replied, “But it did, finally.”