Music, Writing and Other Things

“Some learn to dance, others are born to.” 
In my case, maybe I was born to make music. My mom told me that I was a quiet baby but whenever I cried for some infantile reason, I had the same tune (WOW). Even without formal training, I was able to play the melody of nursery rhymes like twinkle twinkle little star, do-re-mi, three blind mice, etc on my toy piano and eventually on an electronic piano. “My Heart Will Go On” was my favorite KTV song and all my grandparents adored my voice. I was my barkada’s “radio” when I was in gradeschool yet I still thought of singing as a hobby – not a talent. 
I was 12 when my love for poetry started. I even had a 2 notebooks filled with poems and self-made quotes. It was when I first learned how to play the guitar thru song-its tabs that I started turning my poems into songs. Oh by the way, “El Bimbo” was the first song I ever learned to play followed by “Harana”, “Ako’y Sa’yo”, “Unwell” and “Officially Missing You”. 
I was also 12 when the world of writing opened its doors to me. I was commended by my English teacher for my essays and formal theme compositions and since then, I just felt the urge to continue the craft I discovered. My mom told me that I always made her cards when I was a little girl and I loved writing letters to my papa and my grandma. Well maybe that’s where it all started! haha! 
I love doodling too! I can’t say I’m a good artist but I can definitely turn circles to swirls! It comes naturally I guess, since a pen is my right hand’s best friend. 
Designing is one of my favorite hobbies. I love designing clothes and designing houses from exterior to interior fixtures and paintings. I get to all these whenever I play a fashion game or The Sims 3. I was 13 when I discovered how to tweak my friendster layout and everything else followed – xanga, multiply, and blogspot. So yes, I am into designing too! 
Ah, the best part of it all – cooking! My grandma cooks the best dishes in my world and I’ve learned how to love the art of cooking from her. I love experimenting on different dishes and desserts (even shakes & smoothies) and it turns out to be really delicious most of the time! I just really forget to list down the exact measurements of ingredients that’s why I end up experimenting on quantities all over again. 
Maybe I was born to do all these, that’s why in the process I learned how to make the best out of everything God has given me. Sometimes talents are just simply there – we’re all born with it – but if we don’t continue learning how to improve it or if we don’t even use it, it gets rusty and eventually looses its luster. My point is, I’ll try to get rid of being lazy to organize my thoughts and just DO IT! Write, write, and write. 
Nobody’s perfect. Even the greatest writers crumpled dozens of pieces of paper in the process of mastering their craft! Good thing I can just simple delete or edit my posts anytime I want instead of filling my bin with crumpled pieces of 99.9% blank paper. 
This is it! I am writing more……… whether or not people read this blog anyway.